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BOC eyes more than P36M revenue in MICP auction

The Bureau of Customs expects an estimated P36,748,577.43 million in revenue from a public auction sale at the Manila International Container Port (MICP).

Auction and Cargo Disposal Division (ACDD) of MICP will bid out of twelve (12) lots of abandoned and/or seized goods on 28 February pursuant to the provisions of Sections 1129 and 1139 of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act, in relation to CAO 10-2007 dated November 28, 2007, and other relevant Customs Memorandum Orders.

The shipments up for auction include fifty-eight(58) 40-footer assorted wooden & steel furniture/storage cabinets with a total price of P15,613,049.40; 2006 model used red Lamborgini Murcielago amounting to P 7,200,000.00; 2005 model used white Ferrari F430 with a floor price of P5,196,000.00; five (5) 40-footer color sandwich panels color plate valued at P2,074,407.03; five (5) 40-footer macaroni pasta and five (5) light partition board mortar wall both assessed at P1,500,000; and one 40-footer container consisting of knockdown E-bike parts and accessories at P1,000,000.00.

Other items up for bidding are one 20-footer MTS soap noodle with a floor price of P150,000.00; household goods at P187,500.00; two (2) 40-footer blankets pegged at P800,00.00; forty-eight (48) 20-footer sludge oil valued at P.90/kg. totalling to P 657,621.00; two (2) 40-footer Mizuno-brand golf bags pegged at P870,000.

Public viewing of merchandise and pre-bid conference for all qualified bidders is on February 22 and 23, 2017 at the MICP. Interested bidders may contact Mr. Gerardo M. Macatangay, Chief, Auction and Cargo Disposal Division with telephone numbers 245-4101 loc. 2283 or 247-0977, or through their website www.customs.gov.ph.

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